​​​​"We have been using SportSense Disinfection Services and SportSense Protective Coating within our facility for many years and they are professional, through and experts in infection control."

Josh Fallin

Ballpark Operations Manager MN Twins

"The laundry additive works great on all my running and biking gear! SportSense

helps my workout clothing last longer, because it helps keep the smell away." 
Frank Nelson 
Marathon runner and Tri-Athlete

"SportSense is amazing on my boots and bullet proof vest! These items can't be

washed and they get very smelly! I haven't found anything that works as good!"

Sergeant Minneapolis PD

"Our physicians highly recommend the SportSense product. We were very

impressed with the product and the scientific back up SNB Solutions provided."

Carol Jetzer RN, BS, OHN

​Occupational Medicine Consultants 

"As a former NHL Athletic Trainer, I love using SportSense to help eliminate odor

and bacteria that are responsible for infection. I use the product at our private facility

to protect our clients as well as at home to protect my kids who play multiple sports."
Chris Phillips
ATC, CSCS Compete Sports Performance and Rehab

"This really works! I love this stuff!"
Rick Bronwell
Assistant Equipment Manager for the Minnesota Wild

"As someone who has been a personal trainer for a long time and picked up a skin infection (MRSA), I understand that what's on a mat can wind up on me. That's why the SportSense protection makes sense. The long lasting coating fights against the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold that can end up on my equipment. SportSense gives me peace of mind, knowing myself and my clients are protected."
Nathan Krohn


"SportSense is a great product!  Mumps was a huge issue this year within the NHL.  I used it all the time on all of the Blue Jacket's equipment, within our locker room, visitors locker rooms and within our laundry. We didn't have any mumps issues this season.  I can't confirm it was all because I used SportSense, but I know we visited the same locker rooms and none of our players caught the virus."

Tim Leroy

Head Equipment Manager for the Columbus Blue Jackets

"My boss complimented me on having a locker room that doesn't 'smell' like a hockey locker room!"

Mark Brennan

Head Equipment Manager for the Portland Winterhawks

"We didn't have any sick players last season. Wow, no one. We will be ordering again!"

Todd Hewitt

Head equipment manager USC football

"I am an avid runner and I applied SportSense to my running shoes 2 months ago and they still don't smell!!"

Dr. Mahoney

"I apply SportSense immediately when I purchase my kids' sports equipment. I then use it periodically throughout the season. When they grow out of their equipment I re-sell it, and the buyer loves that it doesn't smell used! I can usually get more money for my used equipment!"

Hockey Mom with multiple athletes

"I get what they call 'hockey hands'.....they smell awful no matter how much I wash them.  I began getting sores on my hands too, that's when I started to use SportSense spray. It helped eliminate both."

Hockey Player
A Minnesota girls high school hockey team

"My two son's are competitive downhill skiers. Our whole team uses SportSense on our boots, gloves and other equipment. I can't believe how great it works. Our kids are allowed in the car again!"
Mary Hilbert
​Mom of two USA downhill ski competitors

"I use SportSense spray on my running shoes and in the laundry with my running gear.  I don't have to throw away my gear before it wears out just because it stinks."
Marathon runner

What our customers say about SportSense products

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