Sportsense Odor Eliminator - SportSense Protective Coating

SportSense has been a proud supporter of United Heroes League, AHCA, AEMA, NATA, MN Chiefs of Police Association, PBATS and PHATS-SPHEM organizations.  

A Certified DBE and a Minnesota Certified Targeted Group - Small Business, Woman Owned Company.  

SportSense and Fear No Gear are registered trademarks and owned and operated by SportSense LLC. 

SportSense is proudly made in the USA.

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​​​There is Science Behind the Protective Coating

The invisible SportSense micro-coating bonds to the surface it is applied for weeks, depending on surface wear, and is continuously protected by a patented Antimicrobial Odor Control Technology inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and resists mold and fungus.  

What makes SPORTSENSE different:

  • Persistent protection
  • Eliminates odor causing bacteria 
  • Protects against the growth of mold and fungus
  • Safe, Non-toxic and Non-leachable
  • Purchase just one product for ALL your gear
  • Use on equipment, gear, and footwear, including floors, benches, mats, protective gear, gloves, helmets, shoes, leather, laundry and breathable athletic wear. 


  • Athletic shoes, baseball, boxing, football, hockey, hunting, lacrosse, laundry, law enforcement, locker rooms, military, pet areas, running shoes, showers, skates, training facilities, weight rooms, wrestling mats, and so much more.