History of SportSense - We changed our name to SportSense LLC

SportSense was developed in 2009 by a leading medical device company with over 50 years experience providing infection prevention and control products and services in the healthcare industry.

SportSense was purchased by Vicki Peterson. Vicki has 18 years of experience within the inventing infection prevention and control company. Her experience includes 12 years of focused infection prevention and control within the athletic industry. Since day one Vicki has become the face of SportSense, and her infection prevention & disinfection abilities are trusted by some of the largest professional teams within their league.

 Vicki was always involved in sports as a three sport athlete; she was lucky enough to continue playing volleyball during her years of attending college. As a mom of two boys her sports involvement continued while they tried all kinds of sports to find the ones they enjoyed.  Her sons have tried baseball, soccer, hockey, swimming and track. When her oldest was 10 years old one of his friends ended up in the hospital because he contracted MRSA in his leg. It was believed the MRSA came from his soccer shin guards.  This opened Vicki's eyes, "I had no idea my son could contract such an awful infection from his sports gear!” It just so happened during this time the medical company she worked for developed a chemical that would eliminate odor causing bacteria while leaving behind a protection containing an antimicrobial. They were unsure what to do with this product and Vicki brought to their attention the lack of products that really work within the sports industry and the need to educate parents and athletes about the bacteria found on their gear. Besides, they reside in the heart of one of the smelliest sports, hockey.

 That is when the research began and Vicki held a major roll as the Account Manager, intimately involved with the name, marketing, design, scent, sales, research and development of SportSense.  Vicki brought in loads and loads of smelly hockey gear from her son and his team for microbial testing with their chemists and microbiologists. They also tested the efficacy of SportSense on wrestling mats, active wear clothing and artificial turf.  Research showed SportSense is effective against bacteria on the surface for up to 90 days. Their findings also showed SportSense will not affect the wicking and breathability properties of active wear.  An independent study on artificial turf shows it does not affect the tinsel, strength or wear, while providing a longer lasting protection on the invisible micro-coating applied. 

Over the years Vicki has also been diligently involved with facility disinfection. With the influx of MRSA moving into the sports industry and athletes began to sue the teams they played for due to career ending infections. A need for experience with microbiological decontamination was greatly needed in the sports world. Normal ‘cleaning’ was not sufficient and the industry just wasn’t prepared to deal with these types of outbreak situations. But, the medical industry was, and that is how their expertise evolved from clean-room decontamination to athletic facility decontamination and microbiological testing. Most recently when the NHL battled the Mumps outbreak Vicki was the person teams called for assistance.

Today, SportSense Disinfection Service and SportSense Protective Coating have helped solve many outbreaks, protected NHL teams while in the playoffs bubble, and hit a home run with the MN Twins called this this past fall because St. Louis players were diagnosed with COVID the day after they were at Target Field.  SportSense Disinfection Services was able to get to Target Field within hours and disinfected the entire area enabling the Twins to continue their game that evening against the Cleveland Indians. 

SportSense has been a proud supporter of United Heroes League, AHCA, AEMA, NATA, MN Chiefs of Police Association, PBATS and PHATS-SPHEM organizations.  

A Certified DBE and a Minnesota Certified Targeted Group - Small Business, Woman Owned Company.  

SportSense and Fear No Gear are registered trademarks and owned and operated by SportSense LLC. 

SportSense is proudly made in the USA.

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