MRSA is becoming a fast growing problem within the sports industry.  Athletes are loosing their carriers because of MRSA, and teams are getting sued because of it.  Teams need to have a comprehensive preventative plan to show they do everything they can to provide a safe environment for their athlete.  Can you prevent everything, everywhere the athlete goes? No.  But you can have proof to show while your athlete is within your facility, you do everything you can to prevent infections.  This is where SportSense Disinfection Service can help.  With a professional pre and post disinfection microbial test report. This will show what was in your room before and that it was eliminated.  A protective coating on surfaces will help provide protection for your athletes between treatments.  

Maybe you already have an outbreak within your facility. What do you do? You can call SportSense, we have the best high level sterilant, experience and proof to provide you assurance the bacteria is no longer within the facility areas your athlete is in contact.  We understand what you need to assure your athletes' health.  We are the people professional teams call for help!

SportSense Disinfection Service provides a comprehensive disinfection of all surfaces using a ​high level sterilant used in clean-rooms designed to kill viruses, MRSA, fungi and other microbes present within athletic facilities. The benefits of our expert service don't stop there, you can also receive a thorough pre- and post-service microbial report, including the potential presence of MRSA. Use the report to verify the room is completely disinfected. To complete the service they will apply SPORTSENSE Protective Coating that bonds to surfaces and is continuously protected by a patented persistent antimicrobial technology. 

Be proactive and contract SportSense Disinfection Service to provide protective service throughout your season, or contact us during an outbreak, either way we are here to help you!  Our service schedule is flexible to work with your schedule, days, evenings or even weekends.

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Prevention and Disinfection Service for All Types of Facilities

MRSA Life Span Facts

  • MRSA can live for up to 7 months on dust
  • MRSA can live for up to 8 weeks on a mop head
  • MRSA can live for up to 9 weeks on a cotton towel
  • MRSA can live for up to 203 days (over 6 months) on a blanket
  • MRSA can live on the skin of otherwise healthy individuals, with no symptoms indefinitely

​Facts from Millersville University study

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Using EPA Reg. No. 52252-7 product

Be proactive, or call during an outbreak, either way we are here to help protect your athletes.

Example of a MRSA test plate we use to show signs of MRSA present within an athletic facility.​ 


Vicki and her team were readily available to provide decontamination and disinfection of a client's facility where 17 cases of Staph occurred within 5 days. One full treatment provided the needed disinfection to stop the Staph from spreading, as well as follow-up cultures proved continued protection. Our physicians highly recommend this service and the SportSense product. We were very impressed with the SNB Solutions team, the product, and the scientific back up Vicki provided.

- Carol Jetzer RN, BS, OHN

Occupational Medicine Consultants

SportSense Disinfection Service provides a High Level Facility Disinfection Service with Microbial Testing anywhere within North America

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