16 oz spray bottle

  • 16 oz x 12 bottles per case
  • Great for treating multiple pieces of equipment
  • Carry in your equipment bag

32 oz spray bottle

  • 32 oz x 12 bottles per case
  • Great for teams or families who need to treat multiple sets of gear

1 gallon bottle

  • 128 oz x 4 bottles per case
  • Great for treating large areas; such as wrestling mats, locker rooms, or weight rooms

 Laundry Additive

  • 32 oz x 12 bottles per case
  • ​Provide safe breathable protection against odor, staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms
  • Persistant for up to 30 washes

​SPORTSENSE Protective Coating


A fast acting, safe, and effective odor eliminator incorporating a persistent antimicrobial technology, which prevents growth of odor causing bacteria while combating deterioration and discoloration of the coating caused by bacteria, fungi, mold and algae. 

SPORTSENSE Advanced Odor Control Protection comes in three sizes:

SNB Solutions Llc Sportsense Odor Eliminator for sports gear.

Applications: Athletic shoes, baseball, boxing, football, hockey, hunting, lacrosse, laundry, law enforcement, locker rooms, military, pet areas, running shoes, showers, skates, training facilities, weight rooms, wrestling mats, performance fabrics, towels and so much more.